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(material reprinted with permission from the TONAWANDA NEWS Newspaper)

Officials want landfill cleaned up, not capped 10/25/2008

Community silent on landfill 07/13/2007

Lippes gets ball rolling on lawsuit 06/27/2007

Officials want more time on landfill 05/13/2007

DEC to test Hackett backyards 04/20/2007

Local grassroots group says landfill plan stinks 04/19/2007

Clinton weighs in on landfill 04/18/2007

CURE to meet this week Meeting to focus on Army Corps of Engineers 04/16/2007

Town's high cancer rates make everyone nervous - even me 01/30/2004

Cleaning Up Praxair 01/29/2004

Is Praxair dangerous? 01/22/2004

Living in a cancer zone: Tonawanda group pushing for testing 11/14/2003

Feds sending teams to speed up radiation claims 10/28/2003

Slaughter calls for speedy payments to atomic workers 03/15/2003

Nuclear worker wants answers 02/02/2003

Plan calls for razing Praxair building 11/24/2002

We could be part of the proverbial 'future generation' 01/11/2002

Cancer findings lauded 12/26/2001

Corps gives update on radiation cleanup 12/05/2001

Don Finch fights for the FACTS about Linde/Praxair 11/25/2001

Tests still out on Mudflats, landfill contents 10/25/2001

Rattlesnake Creek Contamination 07/03/99

We need an answer for this Question 07/03/99

Army Corp's OK Received 06/30/99

Corps opens doors to Creek Neighbors 06/26/99

Chuck and Alice or Bonnie and Clyde? 06/23/99

Why the Secrets, Chuck and Alice 06/21/99

Setting the Record Straight on the Rattlesnake Creek Issue 06/21/99

This Meeting should have been Open to the Public 06/21/99

A Secret Meeting 06/18/99

Creek contamination to be discussed Tonight 06/17/99

Radiation found in Creekbed 06/11/99

Officials back Site Cleanup Agreement 06/04/99

These plans are "Cherry" 03/05/99

F.A.C.T.S. shares its thoughts on Nuclear Clean-Up 05/20/98

Officials Encouraged with Landfill Clean-Up 05/12/98

Engineers take over TT site Cleanup 10/30/97

F.A.C.T.S. wants a Hearing on Landfill 05/16/97

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