To All:


(Another example of the fox guarding the henhouse.)

By Don Finch

I cannot help but comment on the Kenmore/Town of Tonawanda Board of Education's selection of a company to do the radioactive testing at the Holmes School site.

By choosing MJW Corporation's Dooley to do the testing, I'm sure that we all know what the outcome will be. It will be the usual 'no problem,' 'of no immediate health hazard,' etc., ad infinitum.

It's unfortunate that the K/T BOE is following in the footsteps of the CANiT* group and having Dooley be their consultant on radioactive contamination studies.

A few years back, the then Town Supervisor Carl Calabrese said that they (CANiT) had to depend on someone who was familiar with radioactive contamination. Let's face it, this way of thinking takes the responsibility of any future health problems off of the shoulders of local responsible officials and puts it on the "consultant." This is known as covering their derriere.

Why not contract with an impartial, independent company to do the testing? Then we would get proper testing with no partiality being shown.


Dooley's background:

(January '96)


FACTS has previously protested the DOE's Technical Assistance Program grant to CANiT as being improper because CANiT is not a citizen group but is instead a political group that claims it does not have to abide by the Open Meetings Law (also known as the 'Sunshine Law'). The DOE has not responded to our valid objections raised in a letter to DOE headquarters over 3 months ago.

All five on the final list of potential consultants to CANiT have worked either directly or indirectly for DOE at the West Valley, N.Y. nuclear site. CANiT's top candidate, MJW Corporation's David Dooley worked for 5 years at West Valley. FACTS' choice as a consultant would be a former UB Physics professor, Dr. Marvin Resnikoff of Radioactive Waste Management Consultants, an independent firm which has provided services to New Jersey citizens - services strongly disagreeable to DOE, but highly respected by the citizen group. Dr. Resnikoff was not even interviewed by CANiT.

Since the consultant is to be chosen by the DOE and Bechtel National Inc., DOE's prime contractor at Tonawanda, selection of a consultant who would favor DOE's position is a foregone conclusion. It's kind of like throwing bread to ducks at the zoo.



January 2001:

Linde/Praxair and CANiT politicians (and their taxpayer-funded consultant, David Dooley of MJW Corporation) submit comments strongly opposing rulemaking, expressing fears that the Army Corps of Engineers grossly deficient 'clean-up' activities will be further discredited in the public mind and re-development of the properties made difficult.

September 2002:

NIOSH awards $20 million contract to MJW Corporation of Williamsville, NY to do dose reconstruction studies that will determine the federal government's medical liabilities under the EEOICPA. The president of this firm, David Dooley, is a pro-nuclear proponent who has publicly supported the idea of "hormesis" (i.e. that ionizing radiation can be good for you) at least twice: once in a debate with FACTS' James Rauch on a local public access program from SUNY College at Buffalo and once in one of CANiT's public meetings.

Formerly, Dooley was employed for five years by the DOE contractor at the West Valley, NY site, leaving there to start MJW. Ignoring FACTS recommendation that an independent expert be selected, DOE subsequently contracted Dooley's MJW to be the technical consultant to the "community" (read as the ex officio CANiT politicians), in which capacity he facilitated adoption of DOE's illegitimate cleanup proposals at the Tonawanda Site by claiming they were too strict. This is a disturbing, post modern example of privatization: here used to foster waiving relevant regulatory requirements and thereby reduce government cleanup costs.



* Who is CANiT?:

The following is an excerpt from ALT/Buffalo Alternative Press - August 10, 1998 entitled BEATING OFF CANiT by Joseph Schmidbauer, Editor


Ms. Green in Beat refers to CANiT as a group of grassroots environmental advocates which is not the case. The CANit group is composed of local government officials. The present chairman is Richard Tobe, Erie County Commissioner of Environment and Planning, other members are Town of Tonawanda supervisor Carl Carlabese, Rep John LaFalce, County legislature Chuck Swanick, Town of Tonawanda council member Ray Sinclair, and other local political figures.

CANiT's stated goal for the site is to reuse and economic development. In October of 1996 Former DOE assistant secretary, Mr. Grumble was brought in by Rep. John LaFalce to discuss development of the river front portion of the site. At a CANiT meeting, Thomas Grumble asked if any banks have attended a CANiT meeting. Ray Sinclair, Town council member (State Senator Mary Lou Rath representative to CANiT), answered no. He went on to say, the developers only require the public's "perception" to be that a clean up has made the site safe.

The role of CANiT in the Tonawanda clean up has been viewed with suspicion by other shareholders and environmental activists groups. Over the course of the review process CANiT has been criticized for holding secret meetings with Department of Energy officials. (FACTS Charges CANiT with Placing Politics Above Environment, Alt/Buffalo Alternative Press, December. 95) & (FACTS Concerned about CANiT's closed meeting, Nov. 29, Metro Community News ).

The Beat article raises questions of disinformation by CANiT members and government officials and mainstream media (and so call alternative media) regarding truth of the about Tonawanda clean-up and the failure to full inform the public."...



Further information on CANiT may be found at the FACTS' web site Go to the onsite search engine and use <CANiT> as the search phrase.

(Emphasis by Don)


I'm hoping that by presenting these facts that residents will make an attempt to attend the meeting on March 27, 2003 (7:00 PM) at the Holmes School. It is time local residents start voicing their displeasure with the way the Holmes radioactive survey will be conducted.

Yours in solidarity,


* * * You may want to print this out and bring it with you to the meeting. * * *