Buffalo News Articles Data Base

Tonawanda asks action on landfill 10/21/2009

Ex-Linde workers eligible to seek reparation for radiation exposure 04/17/2008

Ex-workers push on compensation for radiation exposure at Linde 03/04/2008

Landfill access enforcement affirmed 07/31/2007

Panel delays aid decision on Bethlehem N-workers 07/23/2007

Public comment period for landfill extended 07/14/2007

DEC chief hears pleas for landfill tests 07/13/2007

U.S. names new firm to supervise $159.3 million nuclear waste cleanup 06/30/2007

Residents, officials get LOOW update 06/14/2007

Closed meeting set on radiation exposure 06/12/2007

Residents plan to sue over landfill 06/09/2007

Landfill neighbors hire attorney 06/07/2007

Clinton presses for N-workers ‘footprint’ 06/05/2007

West Valley nuclear ‘footprint’ reduced 05/22/2007

Properties near Tonawanda Landfill undergoing testing for radiation 05/18/2007

Stop the N-worker delays 05/16/2007

Suspension of comment period sought 05/16/2007

DEC to survey area for radioactive material 05/09/2007

DEC to discuss toxic waste survey 05/08/2007

Ruling delayed on funds for N-arms workers 05/05/2007

5 seek funds for ex-Bethlehem N-arms workers 05/04/2007

Clinton urges study of landfill; hearing April 25 04/18/2007

Timing is crucial for those in crucible 04/11/2007

Schumer asks probe of plan to limit aid 12/08/2006

Question of bias surrounds group of experts reviewing radiation exposure 04/09/2006

Linde Ceramics is granted 'cohort' status 12/13/2005

Payments for uranium exposure possible 07/27/2005

Ailing workers hope to get payments tied to jobs at former N-arms plants 04/06/2005

More former N-arms workers may get federal aid under expanded program 04/05/2005

Former Marine suffered from secret uranium work at Bethlehem, fought battle 12/16/2004

Schumer, Clinton urge re-evaluation of claims by ex-Bethlehem workers 12/15/2004

Hearings set on claims by atomic energy workers 12/11/2004

Local hearing set for program claimants 12/05/2004

Schumer wants hearing on radiation in Buffalo 12/02/2004

House widens N-compensation 10/09/2004

There's nothing incidental about nuclear waste 09/25/2004

Schumer wants N-workers' claims paid promptly 09/21/2004

Processing claims tied to N-arms work are criticized 09/14/2004

Reynolds' choice 06/24/2004

Senate gives N-workers from '50s hope for compensation 06/18/2004

Denial of benefits discussed 05/05/2004

Agency reverses on N-workers' aid money 03/23/2004

Plan to raze Praxair site detailed 03/23/2004

Razing of Praxair site set for April 03/19/2004

Former Bethlehem workers to picket 02/23/2004

Government treats veterans with disdain 02/22/2004

Western New York can't settle for a partial nuclear cleanup 02/20/2004

Plan to leave N-wastes draws fire 02/19/2004

Agency may leave West Valley by 2008 02/18/2004

Clinton calls on federal program to compensate area atomic workers 12/13/2003

Bill would aid steel plant workers harmed by radiation 12/12/2003

Board urged to act on workers' radiation claims 12/12/2003

Lawmakers urge action on claims 11/19/2003

Nuclear fallout 11/18/2003

Report on N-sites may boost workers' claims 11/09/2003

Report details radiation exposure 11/08/2003

Broken promises 11/08/2003

Compensation program is unfair, poorly run 11/04/2003

Congress pushes reform of nuclear compensation 10/31/2003

Radiation's sticky red tape 10/30/2003

West Valley plan gets chilly reception 10/22/2003

Death of chemical worker spurs lawmakers to call for reform 03/15/2003

Compensation coming slowly for workers on N-program 02/10/2003

Air and water near Holmes to be tested 01/16/2003

Praxair to put 9.1 million into Tonawanda operations 01/9/2003

Cancer cluster 01/8/2003

Legacy of pain 01/6/2003

Former nuclear workers fight for justice in delayed government compensation 12/18/2002

Accord reached on razing contaminated building 11/20/2002

Razing recommended at Linde site 11/07/2002

West Valley impasse 04/01/2002

Don't speculate on health concerns 03/27/2002

Praxair cleanup raises specter of deadly toxins 03/22/2002

So much loss, so little relief 02/11/2002

Toxic in Tonawanda 01/13/2002

Consultant chosen for improving riverfront 12/18/2001

Residents urged to stay calm over cancer data 12/15/2001

Study finds more cancer cases than expected 12/14/2001

Corps of Engineers to control N-Cleanup 10/24/97

What of the Hidden Victims of N-Bombs? The Workers 09/08/95

Ashland Oil Bids $51,340 for Land Of AEC on River Rd. 04/29/60

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